Remove A Listing makes every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our listings and having your business listed on our website is a free service. It does not cost you anything, but it does give your business more exposure to prospective clients as well as increase your businesses relevance and credibility on the search engines.

Due to the nature of the services we provide, we do not add or delete listings based on unverified information. Anyone can send an email, and anyone can claim to be someone they are not. Because we verify each and every addition or deletion, we do charge for removals. These days, competitors are hiring what we consider to be “internet thugs” to do “Negative SEO”.


While you may not have requested that your business be listed on our website, obviously we obtained your business information from somewhere, most likely the phone listings or a government business registry, and they received your business information from you. It is very difficult these days to do any type of legal business without anyone knowing who or where you are.

The names of legitimate businesses are a matter of public record, and nobody’s address and contact information are copyrightable. No business listed on this or any other website is being hurt solely by the fact that it is listed on a website.

That said, if you do not want your contact information available to the general public, we are happy to oblige. We just want to make sure that it is really an authorized person who is requesting the removal, and not a disgruntled former employee or one of those "internet thugs".

That takes some time and effort, and is the service for which we are charging.

We hope you can understand our situation and will be agreeable to help us protect your business by not just deleting listings for anyone who asks.

  • This is a one time fee for removing this listing on this website only.
  • The listing will be invisible immediately upon notification of payment by PayPal, but will not be removed until the business is contacted and the request if verified.
  • Abuse of this removal request page will result in your IP Address being banned from accessing this website.
  • If you are not a person authorized to make this request by the business listed, thank you in advance for your money. Please kiss your money goodbye before clicking the "Pay Now" button. :)

Do not click the "Pay Now" button if you do not see a Listing ID number
in this box. Go back to the listing you want removed
and click the "Request this Attorney be removed" link again.
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